Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Lost in Seattle

Hey there - thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry for not posting as much since my arrival in Seattle. If you've ever experienced a summer in Seattle, you know how perfect the weather can be with blue skies and temperatures much more tolerable than most of the rest of the country. I've been doing my best to enjoy all of it.

I've also decided to pick-up some extra work while I'm in town. So, I've taken a job as a painter. Last week I did an interior and this week I am doing an exterior. I'm not going to be making a career out of it, but I have been enjoying the work. It's certainly a lot different than the political campaign I was engaged in earlier this year. No phone, compute or office - just me and my paint brush.

A bird's eye view of Seattle. I'll be posting more photos soon.

View of the ship canal, Gasworks park and Lake Union from Queen Ann Hill

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