Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Seattle = Coffee

Seattle has become synonymous with a particular corporate coffee company, but it's also filled with local shops and roasters all over town.

Last night I stumbled upon this ad and needless to say - it caught my attention.

"I have a coffee shop on the burke gillman trail. I just bought it and I am unable to run the shop due to unforeseen circustances. I would like someone to take over the shop for $5,000. That is just enough to cover the supplies. the lease is $415 a month which includes everything w s g & wifi. The shop has tons of potential if someone put the work in. If your interested contact me"

So I went and looked at it this afternoon - it's great! And I have the first option to buy it. So, I am now seriously exploring the possibility of owning my own coffee shop in Seattle. I need/want to look into a few more important details, but right now I am thinking I may do it. Here are a couple of photos of the place. It is small, but located on a heavily travelled bike path and, like the ad says, it does have a lot of potential. I may add some Hawaiian shaved ice to the summer menu.

It's currently called the Trailside Cafe, but I am thinking of naming it "Comet Coffee" after my favorite Washington, D.C. coffee house. I use to joke with my friend Sid that I was going to move to Seattle and open my own Comet someday. I've also thought of calling it - "The Broken Spoke"...or "Eh Brah Cafe"

If you owned a coffee shop on a bike path in Seattle, what would you name it?

Now accepting submission. Stay tuned for updates on this latest business venture.

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