Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pilgrimage: A conversation with Adventure Travel Writer Brandon Wilson

BRANDON WILSON is an award-winning author of three travel adventure books, a photographer, explorer and adventure-travel writer whose stories have appeared in anthologies, international magazines and newspapers, and across the Internet. He's passionate about inspiring others with the possibility of discovery through long-distance trekking.

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Brandon shares his amazing insight on ancient pilgrimages around the world. He tells of his personal journey towards peace while walking over 2,300 miles. Listen and learn about his amazing step at a time.

The world of today is at the dawn of an amazing technological, communication and transportation transformation, but Brandon has an enlightened approach to slowing down, clearing the clutter and lightening the load both literally and figuratively.

In this Podcast and in his books, he shares ideas on how to take a step back, from the seemingly mad world, and begin anew on a path towards inner and outer peace.

His books are also available for sale by clicking on the featured Author link. Thanks for listening!


  1. Very interesting interview. I've been interested in reading more about the Templar knights and will order that book today!

  2. I love these podcasts! I don't know if I missed it, but does Branden live in Hawaii?

  3. Thanks for listening!

    Yes, Brandon currently makes his home in upcountry Maui. He has also lived throughout the United States.

  4. Completely and utterly fascinating. Brandon has really seen the ropes.
    It reminded me of the time I went to a place called Shangrala.
    Great questions.

  5. Thanks for listing and commenting, Tim.

    Brandon certainly does provide some terrific insight on long-distance trekking. I hope you will buy one of his books to learn even more about his pilgrimages.