Thursday, July 13, 2006

Morning Coffee & Bagels at Syd's

Imagine my surprise when I ventured to Tahoe City this morning to find a cup of java and a bagel only to stumble upon a place named Syd's Bagelry & Espresso. 
Some of you know who Sid is, but for those who don't - my old buddy Sid ran the best deli, liqueur store and social parlor in Washington D.C. 

He and his wife Bernice use to serve up the best bagels within a 200 mile radius of the District. I became a Comet regular back in 2001, when I moved into my Adams Morgan apartment just across the street. I spent many a mornings at Sid's table and he became a dear friend. Sadly, Sid passed away in the spring of 2005.

I know the name is spelled slightly different, but it was a nice to have a cuppa joe, bagel and a reminder of my old friend out here on the road.

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