Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Made it to Lake Tahoe

Keith & Pam resting after a fun-filled afternoon of sailing on Lake Tahoe.

That's Jim & Pam - AKA Captain & Tenile

After spending two days on the road and sleeping in the back of the van at rest stops, it was a great feeling to finally arrive in Lake Tahoe on Saturday afternoon. 

It's pretty remarkable to travel across 1,700 miles of the American landscape and marvel at the vast nothingness only to find, just beyond Reno, one of the world's most wonderful oasis. 

I found my friends Jim and Pam and I have been enjoying their company since my arrival.

Our friendship is one of those rare crossing of paths that now goes back 3 years ago to Maui. We shared the same yard while we were renting cabanas on Front Street in Lahaina. We then ended up purchasing condos near one another in Honokowai. They've become great friends of mine, my brother Brad and his wife Kim. 

They were gracious enough to invite me to spend time with them at their home in Lake Tahoe and to do some sailing on their boat. What a treat!

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