Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Roadside Attraction

I've always been a huge fan (sucker) for those goofy roadside attractions and curiosities. If you've ever driven through South Dakota you know exactly what I am talking about, because you just had to stop off at the grandaddy of roadside fun - Wall Drug. Their free ice water for the road weary is always a welcomed respite.

I once cajoled my brother and sister to detour a couple hours out of the way so we could make a visit to the Royal Gorge Bridge near Colorado Springs. Okay, they weren't too happy about getting lost and then arriving as the park was closing, but I made up for it by bribing the manager to let us go across the bridge anyway. Anne and Brad complained the whole time - at least until the flash bulbs popped. The two of them lit up like 4 year olds at a birthday party. The highlight of that attraction was standing next to the spot where the television show "That's Incredible" filmed someone setting a world record bunge jump. But, I digress...

Although, fewer and fewer of them exist, America is filled with these silly little roadside attract...err...distractions. However, you usually have to venture off the Interstate and travel the two lane highways and back roads to find them. I say, what the hell, pull over and take a look.

Yesterday, while driving up 101 through northern California and southern Oregon, I found two fine examples:

This cannot be politically correct.

Nor can it be anatomically correct.

Not to be mistaken for Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean.

At this museum, they have taken "stuffing the aminal" quite literally.

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